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The average person wastes 45 hours every month on aimless swiping. 

Get your time, and your sanity back—Sophy can help. 

When you start working with Sophy, you’ll discuss your dating goals, match criteria, support you need, everything to help accelerate and improve the quality of your dating experiences.  

Sophy’s services: 

  • Matchmaking Services - Your search and your matches are curated and tailored to your specific needs.

  • Full-Service Dating App Concierge - Sophy does the swiping, the banter, the making plans—you go on dates!

  • Dating Coaching




Meet Sophy

First of all, she's been there.

Following the end of an engagement, Sophy went on countless dates, receiving mentoring and therapy while she was in the trenches of it. Over time, she noticed she was good at dating, and enjoyed the process—so much so that she developed a reputation as the person to come to for dating advice. She’s been working in the dating space ever since. 

Fifteen years later, Sophy is married with seven-year-old twins. She’s been a dating coach for over ten years, as well as a professional matchmaker with a national matchmaking firm for almost five years. 

Sophy has curated over 1000 dates, serviced over 300 clients, and recruited hundreds of singles into her network. 

Coaches support, concierges do it all. If you’ve had all the dating hardship you can handle for one lifetime, let Sophy help. She’ll handle the hard stuff, so that you can get back to what dating used to be—fun. 



Sometimes, you just need to hear that this works. Below, some success stories from Sophy’s clients.

She can’t wait to add yours.


Success! I met my husband on my second Tawkify date. It was an instant connection. Sophy was fantastic! She was kind, always available, and most importantly she truly listened to what I felt I needed and wanted. The fact that she took the time to get to know me gave me more hope and comfort. Honestly, she could not have found me a better partner. I am now happily married with a baby girl. I really love my family.  Thank you Sophy!





AJ and Sara Podcast

In "What's Up With Us" AJ and Sara share their worst dates ever and AJ's is especially crazy! Guest, professional matchmaker Sophy Singer has some great tips, helpful insights and a story about a date that involved Denny's, "Moons Over My Hammy" and boxed wine!

A Single Serving Podcast

Sophy Singer is a matchmaker—a real one. She's a natural connector of human beings who has spent years bringing people together, and this week she's sharing her perspective and insights as a matchmaker with the single community. This is a great listen for anyone looking to develop a positive and practical headspace around dating and singlehood. If you've ever been curious about matchmaking or wanted to pick a matchmaker's brain, you'll love this one.

Paste Magazine

Those clichéd red flags that we are always told to avoid? Sophy Singer, Tawkify matchmaker, strongly advises you do not ignore them. But when do they first surface, how can you identify them?

I Heart Intelligence

When someone thinks you’re special, they strike while the iron is hot. Before the date (or random social encounter) is over, they’re already testing the waters by making plans.” While Singer says they might not ask you right then and there, they will make a mention of something fun that the two of you might enjoy together in the future.


Own your time. Professional Matchmaker, Sophy Singer tells Bustle, "Shut down those endless texting sagas that lead nowhere. Create rules and stick to them." Don't entertain people who'll flake on you or can't commit to meeting up for a 15 minute coffee date.

Brit + Co

Learning how to navigate all the dating apps available to get what you want out of the experience might feel daunting, but matchmaker Sophy Singer has some advice to help you get started.


Sophy Singer is your dating concierge

Dating isn’t really “dating” anymore, is it? It’s actually swiping, matching, back-and-forth messaging, making plans, going on dates, maybe getting ghosted, wondering what’s happening, getting frustrated, and then swiping and matching all over again. 

You’re a catch, and you deserve to feel like one. You are not destined to journey through life alone. If you’re over it, if you need support, working with Sophy will change the way you experience dating. 

Sophy Singer is a professional dating coach and matchmaker with over 10 years of experience bringing people together in relationships. She was also single for ten years in her 20s and 30s. Sophy gets it, she’s been where you are, and she’s dedicated her career to helping you find love. 

Book a video consultation, and get a complimentary dating assessment. Discover how a dating concierge handles the hard stuff, while you focus on what matters—going on dates.

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